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The Bedrock product line-up

The Bedrock product line-up

A measuring tool for every budget and application

The Bedrock brand stands for high-quality, high-end measuring equipment for acoustics and professional audio. Our products combine the ease of use of a smartphone with the highest professional and scientific standards of performance and accuracy. Our devices are designed by our own team of scientists and engineers, and built in our own production facility in the Netherlands.  

Intuitive touch interfaces

Intuitive touch interfaces

Professional measuring instruments, made as easy to use as a smartphone

Too many measuring instruments require extensive training and hours of practice, just to get the hang of the user interface. Bedrock devices are different: easy to use and easy to learn. The experience of working with our instruments is similar to working with a smartphone - but always knowing that you have the power of a professional measuring instrument at your finger tips.

The ultimate speech intelligibility meter

The ultimate speech intelligibility meter

Made by the inventors of STIPA

STIPA has become the industry standard for measuring speech intelligibility.  The Bedrock SM50 STIPA meter is the device that many have been waiting for: finally a STIPA meter that is accurate, reliable and affordable at the same time! Designed from scratch by the very team that invented STIPA.

An acoustic test signal source you can bring anywhere

An acoustic test signal source you can bring anywhere

The Bedrock BTB65 TalkBox

Whether it is for STIPA testing, measuring loudspeaker transfer functions or reverberation times: you'll always need an acoustic test signal source. The Bedrock BTB65 is small and light, but it packs an impressive punch: not just as a simulated talker, but also (through is balanced line-out) as an electric test signal source.  

Worldwide support and warranty

Worldwide support and warranty

We're there if you need us

Whether or not we have a local distributor or agent in your region, we'll be there for you when you need us. Regardless of what time zone you are in, most questions are answered (and most issues are solved) within 24 hours. Also, all products are covered by our extensive worldwide pick-up&return warranty programme.


Measuring speech intelligibility with the SM50/SM90

Firmware 2.0 now released. Full STI is back!

Firmware version 2.0 for the SM30, SM50 and SM90 has been released. As always, the new firmware adds exciting new features to your instrument - and as always, it's free. But this time, the occasion is special: firmware 2.0 brings back Full STI! A fully compliant and direct implementation of this all-encompassing version of the Speech Transmission Index has not been around since the 1990s. But now it's back, with one huge difference: a full STI measurement now takes a just a minute, instead of the 15 minutes that were needed before. 

Other new features in Firmware 2.0:

  • Speech Level Meter according to IEC-60268-16 Annex J
  • Noise Curves module added (NR, NC, RC, etc)
  • AC Volt meter for line level measurements in dBU, dBV or V rms.
  • Versions of the RTA and FFT modules added for electric input on the XLR connector (calibrated in dBU, dBV and dBuV)
  • Support for multiple microphone types; improved support of third-party microphones
  • Option to add text notes to saved measurements added.
  • Upgraded main menu, with user configurable home screen.
  • Remote Display application for Windows 10 made more user friendly and stable

The update package can be downloaded here i (note that logging in is no longer required).  The manual has also been updated significantly. As always, the update is free for all existing and new owners of the Bedrock SMxx.

Your feedback  and bug reports are (as usual) gratefully received and used towards future updates.

Get the most out of the SMxx instruments with our MS Excel tools

As many of you will know, we offer a series of tools for importing data from the Bedrock SMxx instruments (SM30/SM50/SM90) into MS Excel. You will need a recent version of MS Excel (2010 or newer). 

These import tools read multiple output files from the SM50 (STIPA, SLM and RTA mode) and convert these into a manageable table. You can also use the tools to easily browse through the measurements. The files can be downloaded here.

There are many different combinations of Excel versions, Windows versions and software that interacts with Excel. We've tested the tools on the most common combinations, but we can't rule out that some people might get unexpected results. So please review your data carefully when you first use these files. Unfortunately, for now, the tools usually do not work in Mac OSX (theoretically, as long as you have VB installed, it should work - but in practice this is not always the case).

Your feedback is as always appreciated; all bug reports are (as usual) gratefully received and used in future updates.


If standard devices don't cut it, simply get a Bedrock device customized!

The Bedrock philosophy is simple: anything we build is designed to be easily customized. Take our digital signal processor, the DSP500 series. Even the standard model comes with plenty of options. But since we've built this around our own signal processing chip, our BSP64, there's nothing you could think of that our team cannot make.

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The Bedrock SM50: speech intelligibility meter, and more...

The Bedrock SM50 is the first Speech Transmission Index meter that has been completely developed and designed by the inventors of STIPA.  The design is based on a simple philosophy: we wanted to create the best and most accurate STI measuring instrument there is, while making it very easy to use at the same time. 

 A unique measuring instrument

The SM50 is not only a Speech Transmission Index meter, but also a fully compliant class 2 / type 2 sound level meter (IEC 61672, ANSI S1.4) and a class 0 real-time analyzer (IEC-61260). Not to mention a RT60 meter, LAEQ logger and oscilloscope. Even seasoned acoustical engineers and audio professionals tell us that those features are really everything they need in their day-to-day work.


More info is found elsewhere on this website.





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