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Get the most out of the SMxx instruments with our MS Excel tools

As many of you will know, we offer a series of tools for importing data from the Bedrock SMxx instruments (SM30/SM50/SM90) into MS Excel. You will need a recent version of MS Excel (2010 or newer). 

These import tools read multiple output files from the SM50 (STIPA, SLM and RTA mode) and convert these into a manageable table. You can also use the tools to easily browse through the measurements. The files can be downloaded here.

There are many different combinations of Excel versions, Windows versions and software that interacts with Excel. We've tested the tools on the most common combinations, but we can't rule out that some people might get unexpected results. So please review your data carefully when you first use these files. Unfortunately, for now, the tools usually do not work in Mac OSX (theoretically, as long as you have VB installed, it should work - but in practice this is not always the case).

Your feedback is as always appreciated; all bug reports are (as usual) gratefully received and used in future updates.


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